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Well, I really don't know, but I'm just saying I LOVE sports; basketball and snowboarding, are my favs... I LOVE Justin Bieber, Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers!! And my BF Justin (Not Bieber)!! I can't skateboard for my life... Someone can PLEASE teach me?? Anyways... I wanna sitemodel... But can't... Mom's like, "I don't want some creeper looking at my daughter, so no." Then my bros reaction to that was this creepy face and movements... Yea, I should stop right here, but, I could care-less 'bout what yu think :D. My fav brand is... Well, I have alot... (If yu live in Ontario, go to Mansfield Ski Club, and yu might see me, and get in for free :D Considering ma mom works there :D) Sorry for wasting yur time, and I'm surprised if yur still reading this... Anyways, I love yu if yu are... xoxo~ KaiKaiAngelStars!

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