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hoviwrote a review of on May 25, 2012

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I have owned several BA products over the years, including sleeping bags, tents, pads, etc and have always been please with their quality.

When first opening my order, I was pleased by the weight of a 6 person tent and the well constructed/organized tent bag. When setting it up for the first time I found setup was easy and quick with light weight poles that offered a great amount of strength. I was impressed with the adequate ventilation and interior sides lined with pockets. So far I was pleased and couldn’t believe the space it offered, but...

With further inspection of the interior I started finding that the stitching was poor. It made me feel that it was quickly put together without quality control. There were numerous loose threads and bunches in the seams. Just the feel of the fabric and mesh of the tent seemed cheap and wouldn’t take much to wear it out. In my opinion what the tent walls should have been the same material as the fly, because that was the only quality fabric of the tent. After entering and exiting the tent a few times and noticed more things I didn’t care for. The zippers had small teeth, tended to get snagged, and felt cheap. The doormat is a nuisance and silly looking – if I would have kept the tent I would have cut it off.

Then came the ugly, it leaks BAD. After running a sprinkler on it for 20 minutes, all 6 pole corners were leaking. The fabric wasn’t absorbing water, but actual puddles forming in the tent corners. Even though the fly was as tight as I could get it, it still seemed loose, probably contributing to the leaking.

I performed the same sprinkler test on my BA Seedhouse SL1 and BA Parkview 3, with no problems. I even took the garden hose sprayer and blasted them for several minutes in each corner, not a drop in those tents.

BA I like your gear, but your Big House has Big Issues!