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Nhu Hai Duong H.

Nhu Hai Duong H.

Nhu Hai Duong H.

Nhu Hai Duong H.wrote a review of on December 1, 2012

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I loved the colour of these bibs- that's what attracted me to them. And of course, the function too. Full length side zips, bib with chest zips. But there are two flaws with this design. Firstly, the bum is *massive* I feel like a bumble bee! I can only image it was to allow for bending and high steps but I still feel there is more than enough room for free range of movement without the unflattering volume. From the front is looks perfect, until you turn around, arse the size of a house!...Secondly, the adjustable shoulder straps with the velcro don't allow enough adjustment for very small people (I'm 145cm tall).

I also bought the Arc'teryx Theta SV in black. I don't think the colour is as smashing but the fit and shoulder adjustments are better designed.