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historymade253-0wrote a review of on September 27, 2011

Simple, durable, and excellent design. Good job TNF!
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Bought this pack to use as a daypack and 1-3 day over night trips. I've owned it for about 6 months now and have taken it on a total of 11 trips. Recently just took it on a summit attempt on Mt. Rainier. I previously owned the Prophet 45 and must say that TNF has done a great job updating this pack. IMO the Prophet 45 was over designed with a lot of what I believe were unnecessary features. The Prophet 40 on the other hand does the job without all the extras. The new Prophet 40 is noticeably lighter, but the top lid is no longer detachable and there's no crampon pocket. I wish TNF would have added more cord loops to the main body. Overall the bag is simple and durable and accommodates to all your adventures in the great outdoors.