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hiking trail runner

hiking trail runner

hiking trail runner

hiking trail runnerwrote a review of on February 23, 2009

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CW-X makes the nicest running tights and shorts and the Stabilyx 3/4 length is the best of all of them (I own 5 different styles). What I like about the Stabilyx 3/4 length is that I can run longer distances in the heat while still having the hip, IT band and knee protection.

You might expect them to tear easily, but they are very hardy. I've fallen on fast downhills a couple of times and only had to brush the dirt and burrs off. My knees underneath were an entirely different story though! If I had been wearing traditional or even CW-X shorts I would have had much more serious injuries.

They also dry quickly which is nice since I only have one in this style. If you wash it by hand immediately after use and hang dry, it will be dry within about 24 hours; sooner if you are drying it during the day instead of overnight.