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hikeswithdogswrote a review of on January 29, 2009

5 5

Just spent 4 days riding this at Breck after I broke my 2003 Custom.

Wow super fast, smooth and confidence inspiring on the steeps and choppy\icy conditions.

Honestly the biggest difference between this and my Custom is weight.

It's so light that when I short carve my whole board actually leaves the ground between edge plants.

First board I've seen that you can see through when you hold it up to the light(Hollow Alum honey comb core), keep this thing out of the park your hack it to pieces in no time.

Rode the 162 in knee deep powder no problem and left almost every behind, set your stance back just a bit and your golden in the deep stuff. This board did not seem as stiff as advertised seemed just slightly stiffer than my old custom.