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Henry C.

Henry C.

Henry C.

Henry C.wrote a review of on February 14, 2013

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I liked them when they worked, but in their second season the boot stopped locking into ski mode. Of course this happens at the top of a long hike, because that's when you need to switch from walk to ski.

In my case I was in Kashmir, India. I had to ski down very carefully and then hire new boots until I could get near somewhere they could be serviced. I was surprised and extremely lucky to find what must have been the only pair of boots in the village that were my size and took Dynafit bindings.

A Scarpa agent in Chamonix then looked at them after I contacted Scarpa HQ in Italy. The agent said they needed to be replaced. While they evaluated them I had to hire boots.

I skied the replacement for 4 days. On the 5th day I reached the top of the Stockhorn near Zermatt and the boot refused to lock again. I had to hire other boots in the meanwhile.

They have now been sent away again for evaluation and repair/replacement but my confidence in them has gone.

If this had occurred on a multiday ski tour then the trip would be over. If it had occurred at the top of anything more technical I might have had to climb down.

I simply can't trust them anymore. I've also had to keep spending money on hiring boots and have had multiple days of skiing totally ruined because the boots keep failing.

Looking online, this has been a common problem and the Scarpa agent that replaced them even said the boot had several design flaws including; hinges on the front entry mechanism breaking, canting being destroyed by normal use, and buckles coming unscrewed.

I intend to choose a more reliable boot in future.