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Brandon H.

Brandon H.wrote a review of on July 24, 2011

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Lets just say that the stick is the shit. Onyx has a certain something to it that whether the rock be limestone or granite, you're sure that the tiny, some-what-of-a-rail, will hold. With toe and heel hooks in the mix, these shoes never gave way to slippage and there is always the occasional slab of a route in which you must smear/use what you can, to continue the ascent. With that being said, the edging of this shoe is phenomenal. Having sized the shoe one full size down from my Converse (from 12-11 US) the shoe was tight at first but relaxed and conformed to my foot within a month, as if it were a second layer of skin. The FiveTen Anasazi's look great, wont leave your foot stained a bazaar color when worn new, and perform above and beyond what their price range entails. From a non-professional, blue collared climber, i highly recommend these shoes for any type of rock or climbing style, as well as any experience level or age group. Peace. Love. Rocks.