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Land of 10,000 lakes

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Hiking & Camping

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Fricken love outdoors there is always things to do in any season. Spend a lot of time fishing / camping /hiking in the BWCA area during the non-snowy season. Usually find me ice fishing in the land or 10,000 lakes during the winter season. I'm always looking great durable gear at a great price, which is why I come here to shop.


hammzonewrote a question about on May 7, 2009

Has anyone got any expereince with these as it compares to the North Face ones that are similar to these. There are two noticible differences and I'm wondering if there is more I should consider:

1. The North Face ones have 2 spines while these have 3 I would think these would be stronger

2. The North Face ones appear to have more of a hook on the top which may hold rope better. My primary use is for a rain tarp.