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haffawrote a review of on May 25, 2005

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First, I have to specify that I have the FSN 85, which is essentially this boot without the Gore-Tex waterproof lining.

If you live in the southwest, the last thing you need is a waterproof boot, because Gore-Tex adds another layer of fabric, thus insulation and heat retention.

Even the FSN 85 is treated with silicon and sheds water like a duck, so if you do mostly desert hiking it's the way to go. IMHO Gore-Tex is a lot of marketing hype.

Do you have the problem with most makes of shoes and boots being too narrow? I do and it drives me nuts! According to that shoe sizing thing, my foot is between D and E, but anything less than an E smashes my toes together like canned sardines. Hey, manufacturers, look at most people's feet, they aren't shaped like bullets at the end!

Anyway, I got these in wide, and there's plenty of toe room and they fit perfect. The sole provides a nice stiff but springy feel, make you feel like you have a "bounce" in your step.

They look pretty cool too, not just a drab slab of plain leather. I look forward to every hike, not in small part to the performance and comfort of these boots.