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Gregory P.

Gregory P.

Gregory P.

Gregory P.wrote a review of on September 19, 2012

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I highly recommend you consider the Octane if you're looking for a pack in this size and price range.
My first significant hike with the Octane was a 40.2 miler in 24 hours over highly variable terrain. I have a slight angle scoliosis and my left leg is slightly shorter than my right which has always caused upper back fatigue with any repetitive movements or limitations to range of motion. Weight on my shoulders from "ultralight" packs contribute a lot of discomfort for me... even when loaded with 7-12lbs.
I am exceptionally pleased to now own a pack that is of medium volume and can handle a 20-30lb load straight to the hips (especially when your hips are not "straight") while allowing me to side-bend while walking (gecko on a window). This pack has a thoughtful and clean design without silly extras or annoying top panel lid. Weight weenies may overlook the pack due to specs but in real life I've found that sometimes this should be measured qualitatively. The fit of this pack paid for it's own weight. The stretchy side and outer pouches also increase the volume capacity quite a bit.
I did begin to feel some pressure at L3 from the belt adjusting mechanism but only when I bent down to tie my shoes. This pack can serve my needs from 1-4+ days depending on the season. Shoulder pain? It felt so good I had to find something else to grumble about.
I'm 6'2" 170lbs. The Large pack fits well.