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Molly M.

Molly M.

Molly M.

Molly M.wrote a review of on January 4, 2009

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love the kelly green! It bright and can be seen on the hill! Its super warm and waterproof for sure (except for the trim around the bottom)! the fur hood is great!

who ever designed this wasn't thinking about riding specs.....the length is way shorter then other snowboard jackets, i had to get an extra large and i'm not extra large, not very happy with the snow skirt either, there are weird snaps in the back that push into your back when wearing it in the car, I also ordered some special blend pants to match and the snow skirt and pants connect really uncomfortable, i sent the pants back...bending over to strap in sends some cold breezes up the back......ipod pocket is small

doesn't make you look huge, id get it for every day wear and a little bit mountain use