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glenn williams

glenn williams

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glenn williams

glenn williamswrote a review of on April 1, 2012

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It's comfortable, but there are enough annoying problems with it that I'm returning it. I won't go through the whole list of annoyances, I'll just give you the main ones. First, the detachable top STRAPS on, not buckles, which is maddening. The back portion buckles, but the front of it must be strapped, so you find yourself fumbling with it in the dark or on the trail or in the airport. Second, the side pockets you should be able to reach into on the trail aren't accessible because either the zippers are impossible to work while you're wearing the pack or the because the pockets are just out of reach. Third, and most maddening of all, no matter how you pack it the damn thing will not stand up. When you take it off and set it on the ground it rolls over onto its back, getting the pack and whatever gear you have stowed there muddy. This alone drove me so crazy I went back to my old Kelty pack.