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geoffrey.m1257182wrote a review of on February 10, 2009

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Rides nice when there are no core-shots, broken sidewalls, or peeling-off-edges.

I've been riding burtons for 7 seasons, and have been using their wide higher-end boards for a while. I had a 168 Canyon, a Baron, a Baron ES, and now the Custom X wide. All of the other boards I rode were more durable than this one, and after a few east-coast run-ins with rocks, the Custom-X wide was damaged quicker than any of the previous boards. I'm thinking that burton changed their manufacturing process or used lighter, but more fragile material on this years boards. I didn't hit any of the rocks any harder than I had before, but the damage was a lot more extensive. The board is essentially ruined now.

If you live in a place where you are unlikely to hit obstacles... go for it. The board allows the rider to ride hard, fast, and big... If you are on the east coast, get 2.