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gaiusgracchuswrote a review of on March 2, 2012

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These helmets are VERY light and come in multiple sizes! Small, Medium and Large.
We wanted a helmet like the Petzl Meteor III, but that one comes only in one size - HUGE! Even though the Meteor supposedly fits 53cm heads, it is quite a stretch to say that it does.
The shell is really large. If you have a large head, the Meteor III would probably be a great choice.
We also tried the BD Half Dome, which has more than one size, but it was the old hard plastic and was quite a bit heavier.

So we wanted one of these new types of shells (EPS Foam) instead of the old hard plastic shells, but one that would fit. The Tracer does fit very well. Yes, all the EPS foam helmets are less durable in the sense that you can't just throw them around and sit on them, but for the comfort and lack of neck pain while belaying -- its worth the trouble, at least for us.

Plus, the ventilation holes on the Tracer have a mesh that protects from debris coming into the helmet.

Yes, it could use some work on the strap system, but we found it fit behind our ears ok.
We are very happy with it. The one size fits all concept just isn't working for us, so we are glad we found the Tracer.




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