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gailgolfwrote a review of on September 7, 2010

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What a great shoe...for more that running in. I was up in Mammoth and these were recommended to me by the salesman for hiking and running. They were on sale and in My Size. The heel is narrow and snug, arch is high and supportive, toe box is wide and roomy. I wore it for 4 days while on vacation and never wore anything else! Wore it hiking, running, biking, out to all meals. It goes with everything and is so comfortable. Great cushioning and even was warm when the temps dropped to 30degrees and sleet came down while hiking. Hiked a volcano, rough terrain and it was great. Very flexible soul and the lightest shoe I could have imagined. Dirt didn't show and that was a plus in all the dirt up in the mts. Only down side was the laces did loosen every so often. Great shoe for every use you can think of. Worked well for mt. biking as well. Just give it a try if your foot is like mine. thanks to the saleman that recommended it!