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Franck L.

Franck L.

Franck L.

Franck L.wrote a review of on December 3, 2010

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I am 6 feet and 31" waist and went for the size medium with tall inseam. I had tried the regular inseam in store and was finding it a bit too short. The tall one is a bit to long though but still work out. I kind of feel the perfect length would be in between these 2 inseam lengths though.

Medium fits me great... allow room to wear over a pant or not.

I am not a huge fan of the waist structure though. I would have preferred by far a proper zip and button to close the waist rather than this one piece "elastic" waist.

The quality of the goretex, seams, and overall finish apart from the waist is very nice.
I took these pants hiking, biking, canoeing and they sure do a fantastic job at protecting you from the elements. I haven't had any problem so far (like scratches). Though it's a lite goretex, it seems pretty strong but I am pretty cautious and aware of what's around when I move too.

Recommendation to Arcteryx for future improvements:
- change the waist system to a pant like with zip and button
- maybe re-enforced the knee areas the same way than the bottom.
- keep 2 or 3 different sizes for inseam- add 2 zip pockets on the side