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folecrwrote a review of on April 12, 2012

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It's light.

The framesheet is minimal but it works when the pack is half loaded or more.

Size is right. And it compresses well (I was able to adjust the side straps so it doesn't get all curved up like John T Young mentioned.)

The straps are very easily detached and attached.

No water entered the pack when used in a drizzle for about 30 minutes.

Gear straps do not dangle off the bottom of the pack so that was nice when carrying it on the bike.

I've used it on short hikes, city usage, biking, biking in the rain. It worked well for all of them (Woohoo! one pack for both city and backcountry use.)

Bad : Weird, floppy top pocket that does not compress at all.

Iffy : Zipper closures. They seem ok but I've already snagged them on the fabric a couple times. Will they last when abused?

Best pack I've used. Yes, it has problems but without building my own pack I can't find a better one.