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Heather M.

Heather M.wrote a review of on June 28, 2011

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Every time I use this tent I love it more and more. The very first time I took it out it ended up snowing and we stayed dry and without condensation in the tent all night. Just the weekend before last we went camping in the rain and I discovered, much to my delight, that it's possible, and even easy to set up, and take down the tent UNDER the fly, if you have a footprint as well. It takes me under 4-5 minutes to set up, fly and all, even at 2 am with no moon.
I purchased this tent for myself and my daughter, knowing that I would want extra space or the two of us. .. We could practically live out of this tent, and essentially do anymore, so far this season. It's plenty spacious for the two of us and all of our gear. When I'm packing without my daughter it's almost too much space; That master suite of single person camping set-ups. :) The vestibule is large enough that I've been able to stash my wet pack, clothes and shoes there to dry after packing in the rain. Without the fly, I've thoroughly enjoyed the meshy walls and ceiling. It makes for some seriously primo star gazing. The two doors are perfect, making it easy for me to get my daughter down and then come in and out as I please without disturbing her sleep. Also makes it easy to shake all the guck out of the tent when clean up time comes around.
If I could complain about anything at all it would be the packed size of the tent. It's a little large as far as a 6 1/2 pound tent goes, but that's nothing that cant be fixed with tight bundling and a compression sack. Original packaging though, I do appreciate that the tent bag comes with an outside pocket for stakes and guy lines, and an interior pocket for the pole structure... Which is brilliant, by the way. 1 pole. My 3 year old understands how to set up this tent on account of it. She's not quite tall enough to do so yet, but she gets it.
This tent is of the loves of my life. If you're on the market for a spacious, durable, joy of a tent for two people, ABSOLUTELY consider the Black Diamond Oasis. ... Such a sexy purchase.