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Sean C.

Sean C.

Sean C.

Sean C.wrote a review of on February 13, 2010

Great Board!  Pricy but well worth it!
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I just bought the Arbor A-Frame (170) a couple of weeks ago. Just in time to take it out west to Jackson Hole, Wy, to break it in. I was thrilled with it! My first day on it at Jackson Hole Mtn was good. Took a few runs to get used to the extra length but after that I was flying! The snow was not great but the board was. It was cutting through the crusty, ungroomed snow like a champ. I was amazed at how far I was going on some of the long, flat traverses. I would have been dead in the water and unstraping to walk on my old board but the A-frame would just fly right through the flat to the next good section.
The next day I took it to Grand Targhee where they had about 2ft of fresh powder. Again, the board performed flawlessly. I moved the bindings back a bit to put a little more weight in the rear. This kept me on top of the powder tearing it up all day!
Yesterday I got to test it out on the east coast groomers at Loon Mt, NH. Once again it performed brilliantly. This is a very fast board but it doesn't lack any control. No problem leaning hard into full speed carving turns. It grabs and holds an edge perfectly. No slipping out.
This board has already proved itself to me in all the snow conditions I am likely to encounter, crusty ungroomed, fluffy powder, and packed powder groomed. It is the perfect all mountain big stick! Love it! Can't wait to outfit it with my new flow nxt frx bindings next week. No more sitting down to strap in!