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Joshua W.

Joshua W.

Joshua W.

Joshua W.wrote a review of on December 17, 2012

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Purchased a pair of the Ride EX Frankens and I love the bindings. I get compliments on them all the time, but I do have one gripe.

The gummy mesh on the toecap has started to rip apart after only 4 days of riding. Given, I crank down on them pretty good as I like a nice, tight fit. Maybe I got a fluke pair. Time will tell as I am having them replaced.

Sadly, Dogfunk either wants me to drop another $160 on a set so they can send me a second pair and then refund me the money after they get the original pair back. As a long-time customer of Dogfunk, I was pretty surprised that they actually asked me to spend more money. The other option was to send in my broken pair 1st, but then I have nothing to ride on until I receive the new ones.

I am now contacting RIDE in hopes that they will send me out some new toe-caps ASAP. Sorry Dogfunk, I love yall, but you let me down on this one.