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Ethan E.

Ethan E.

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Ethan E.

Ethan E.wrote a review of on August 2, 2010

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I bought this for my Old Town Dirigo 106 to go on a kayaking trip with. After debating whether I should spend the extra money on a neoprene or not, I decided to go ahead and go with this cheap one. I ordered a small (36-42"x19-22") to fit my 38"x18.5" cockpit. They must have sent me an XS, because this thing would not fit. It took me and my two friends over an hour to get it on every time we put it on and then it popped of within a few minutes. It did stay on barely long enough to run the only class III+ rapid of the trip so I guess that is it's only redeeming quality. BIG letdown from NRS here... I wish I would have forked over a little more money for a real skirt. I will definitely be taking advantage of the 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's just a shame that I have to pay $7 to ship this piece of trash back.