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Anna P.

Anna P.wrote a review of on August 29, 2011

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I REALLY wanted to like this pack, as it looked like it would be great for fieldwork (wet, muddy fieldwork). It was comfortable, and had everything that I was looking for (easy to wash, a nice big main compartment, and stash pocket). I would still have it except for the stupid (to me) top pocket. Because the main compartment is voluminous, and because I prefer to have weight between my shoulder blades, I had my first aid kit (which really isn't more than a baggie with bandaids, spray neosporin, waterproof tape, hand sanitizer, and a small ace bandage) in the top pocket and the field notebook, etc. in the main compartment. The problem comes when trying to access the main compartment. The top pocket descends into the main compartment on the inside. Which means it eats up the volume inside. If the top pocket is full, or has something the size of a paperback book, it gets in the way of getting in to the rest of the pack. It was almost more like having a top and bottom compartment (at least, to me). Getting things out of the main compartment became either (1) a pain because the top pocket blocked the opening, or (b) a case of pulling out items until finding the one I wanted. Not a reasonable situation for fieldwork when I'm constantly putting things in and out on the go. As comfortable as it was (fit just like the Flapjack, which I use for school and absolutely LOVE!), it had to go back. =( The Gregory Miwok isn't as comfortable, but the access is better for me. Unfortunately, it loses the ability for light overnights. Ah well... that's what the Osprey Hornet is for ;)