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emawanaknowwrote a review of on July 2, 2012

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A couple years ago I got a backpack for school. I spilled apple juice all over it, dragged it on the way home from school and slammed it onto the ground like 100 times every day. It was really cool. I still have that backpack after I moved from New York to Kentucky and it STILL worked you can over stuff this bag a little which is good if you want to hike, the bag isn't HUGE but it can carry a lot of stuff. I still have that backpack today, but I can't take it to school anymore because it is getting a little too small for my metal lunchbox. (metal lunch boxes to keep the squirrels away). This backpack feels great on your shoulders if you have pain there and your kid will love this backpack. If your kid is a girl get her one from the women's section though because those are for narrower shoulders and help them carry there backpack better