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Erich  B.

Erich B.

Erich  B.

Erich B.wrote a review of on July 24, 2011 first...
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Lets start with the good. Fit, comfort, breathability. Lightweight, a real good shoe for a person who is on their feet as I am 15+ hours a day at work. Love them. Really....
Then it went south. About 4 weeks after purchacing this shoe, the upper began to "delaminate" from the sole. First only a little on the right foor shoe near the toe, then widening from the toe to midfoot. Then slightly at the heel. I cannot even tighten the laces on the right shoe. The left shoe, so far, is only delaminating by the outside heel. I am really unhappy about this.
I sent a warranty claim into Keen via their website, with pictures and comments regarding the problems with these shoes. it's been over a week, and the "status" is still "pending" Frustration is starting to set in. This is My third pair of Keens, the others, I have worn them out, but these are, in a word, terrible.