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e4w4424104wrote a review of on January 25, 2011

5 5

These are fun. A combination of a powerfull ski and a light ski that blew me away. Really a light ski that blasts through the crap and doesn't get squirley at speed? Powder no problem and to be expected. Icey garbage was pretty easy too. I tried on a sunny frozen day with no new snow, and they owned the groomers. Mocking big turns and quick snappy turns too are easy. The tail design is sweet you can check speed fast if needed. Really designed well and can handle any snow condition you will encounter. I'm in love. I got the whole package titans boots, tlt bindings, and the stokes. The ski/boot/binding combo is perfect! Me: 6' 2 225lb aggressive skier who goes faster than I should with a big smile on my face. I don't like skinny skis at all. I live in the PNW and ski the white mud. They do great, don't have to ski in the back seat at all. Floaty and fun. Go for it you are in the market.

Update! several mega powder days in a row and I love them even more. easy to drive through all conditions. seriously a great all around ski. pow to traverse to wash out groomers, frogels they can do it. they sweet spot is the ball of my foot. feels perfect! love the early rise tip...