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Dyaln C.

Dyaln C.

Dyaln C.

Dyaln C.wrote a review of on February 23, 2011

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This boot is great with the exception if the Speed Zone technology. After only 9 times of riding with this boot, it is no longer functional. Unfortunately, the lower half of the boot is very susceptible to getting torn up by the edge of your board; resulting in the lacing system to be torn out, (YES...TORN OUT). After resting my board on my boot (which I see just about every rider doing), the board slowly cut into the lower half of the lacing system, resulting in it lacing system being completely ripped out when I tightened boot.

I would say this may have been a bad boot, but the exact same thing happened to my Burton SL-10 boot. When I called Burton for a replacement, they told me it was preventable so it was not covered under their warranty. Since most riders rest their board on their boot on the chair lift, I think it would be safe to say that Burton needs to modify the boot to prevent this. Maybe they should place a piece of plastic of the lacing system, but something needs to be done.

I also wanted to mention that I saw a few other riders on the mountain with the Burton ION’s, and they had Duct Tape wrapped around the lower half of their boot. When I asked why they put tape on their boot and they told me they were having the same exact problem with the lacing getting cut into. Seems like Burton needs to get their R&D team fix this problem… especially since they charge $400.00 for this boot!