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dustin.mur1623365wrote a review of on October 11, 2011

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I had the opportunity to use draws with both straight and bent gate Photons and they performed well. I couldn't get over how easy and smooth they clipped. The weight of this full size biner is clutch! I also liked the 9kn rating on a Minor Axis load and I believe this was the highest rating I saw when comparing with other companies. I have compared other biners and the Photon has the best all around light weight and safety specs. I hope CAMP comes out with different colors so I can switch out my heavier color Neutrinos that I currently use to color code my units. I like how CAMP is pushing the standards with this product and in my opinion they have raised the bar with the Photon. Purchase a Photon and put it on a finger tip size unit and head to the Creek! You will agree with me when your pumped and make a effortless clip on a desperate tips crack with the Photon.