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David B.

David B.wrote a review of on November 9, 2010

Fast, stable, nimble board. Never Summer rocks!
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Got a chance to demo a 2011 version of this board late last spring. I was looking for a stiff, all-mountain board that was a bit more playful than my current deck, and this fits the bill perfectly. This board is definitely on the stiff end. It's softer and more playful than the stiffest big mountain boards, but stiff enough to bomb down all but the steepest double blacks. It handled some jumps and jibbing adequately, but if you are looking for a park board, go elsewhere.

I love how easy this was to manuever. My previous board was a very stiff, aggressive design, and the Heritage is just way more nimble. My impression from riding this board and a similar-flexing cambered board is that the rocker-camber design sacrifices a very small amount of high speed stability for a board that turns more easily and generally feels more nimble. I also noticed that the rockered design never felt "catchy" when going from edge-to-edge down big steeps.

Overall, this board had a great feel. It's perfect for aggressive, all-mountain riders who also want to play in the trees, and maybe hit the occasional jump for sport. I've got a brand new one sitting in my living room, just waiting for the first big snow of the season. Never Summer rocks!



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