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Anthony C.

Anthony C.

Anthony C.

Anthony C.wrote a review of on April 11, 2011

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And they still work. I've had a pair for more than a year, and when I accidentally washed it I was devastated, cause the right earbud lost all its bass...I bought another pair, and soon enough it fell into the sink. After I dried them, they also were still functioning, but also lost their bass.

In the process of trying to get them to work again, I sucked on the little hole that allows air to get through the earbuds, and I heard a faint popping noise. When I tried them again, they worked perfectly. I did this with my old pair, and the same thing worked.

Sound quality is great--got deep lows, crisp highs, and despite what everyone else says about their poor construction, I'm pretty ecstatic about their resilience over the past year.