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downhill_fwrote a review of on June 22, 2013

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I got these because they are 4mm drop, and they have the perfect amount of rigidity in the sole for me ( i have tried a lot of shoes and i would say medium rigidity). I could buy a more durable mountain running shoe but the soles on these shoes are great for running down hill, because of their temperpedic-like absorption. the uppers are really great and the lacing actually is more durable than it looks.

for barefoot runners these probably feel like high-heels and a bit unstable.
to make them stable in my book, i run them without footbeds.
the grip is mediocre, but a compromise i am willing to make.
i tore the sole of my first pair after a decent 2 years of use, and i am ok with that but i do see the potential for the sole being punctured as it is only a mm thick, and once the foam inside the sole is exposed water gets sucked into them and will not dry until the next day( if in the sun).

i have a very average foot a bit flat but i am sure after running these in rain they can morph to fit well on slightly above average wide and high arched feet. they brake in without losing cushion. that's another plus these shoes stay bouncy as if new for two years, but unfortunately they are not very stable, durable, or grippy.

I am a size 10 for about 20 different articles of footwear, the only things i ever had to size-up one size were my high altitude boots and these shoes. kind of annoying sending them back twice to get the right size.

i am hoping to find a grippier and more durible shoe and i definitly think these are my last pair. i had to get them again because, like i said the cushion is dense but plush, it is hard to explain, they really are different from any other sole and give my stride an extra bounce.