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downbirdiewrote a review of on March 23, 2011

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The reason I bought this helmet over any other was the fact that you can't get a better deal for your money. Most of the time you are going to spend $60 on a helmet and at least $30 for headphones. But then you have to deal with a helmet and headphone pads that don't fit together. So spend a couple extra bucks on something that works. Anyways, what can I say about this helmet that you already don't know from reading the specs. This helmet is amazing! It has the reliability of Pro-tec plus many other great features of today's world. The DJ style built in and removable (they snap in by buttons) headphones are amazing! Wonderful location on the outside buttons and no need to worry about fumbling through multiple layers of clothing to try and mute your music or to turn the volume down to listen to a fellow boarder. The only problems that I have seen with this helmet is the tight fit around the ears. I am not talking about the headphone earmuffs, but the helmet padding around it. The problem could be my head, so I wouldn't worry about it. Great buy and worth the cash!