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dohrman crawford

dohrman crawford wrote a review of on July 14, 2012

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I got one of the large sunshades 5 or 6 years ago. I go camping every summer to fly model FreeFlight planes at the National Championship in Muncie, Indiana. I wanted a shelter that would allow me to work on repairs, and be easy to set up and take down.
It was a little tricky putting it up solo the first time, but I have it mastered now. Great sun protection.
However, the best strength of this thing is it's ability to stand up and endure the thunderstorms that seem to roar through every summer. Because of it's flexibility, it has withstood tremendous winds that wrecked all the other designs. I have seen it beaten down almost flat, and it pops right back up.
Two years ago, out of the eight tents and shelters at our part of the field, I had the only shelter and tent still standing after one of the Indiana monsters roared through.
I do rig extra guy lines at all points on both shelter and tent. ( I got an expedition tent after my first one was wrecked by just such a storm)
The Kelty, however, is box stock, and it takes a beating.
If you think you may have storms, rig some extra lines, and lower the structure so that it has less wind resistance. Easy to do on this fine product.