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Alexander D.

Alexander D.

Alexander D.

Alexander D.wrote a review of on July 27, 2015

4 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

Weight: A. I do not notice any difference in bulk or weight, despite the appearance of a much more substantial lid than a normal XC helmet. Feels very well balanced.

Fit: A, for Bell users. I have a Bell Sequence helmet for XC, and find the fit equally comfortable for both.

Venting: C+, for hot headed dudes. I sweat a ton on big climbs, and on hot days this helmet is noticeably warmer than a 20+-vent helmet. Maybe not so great for big climbs if you overheat. Otherwise, feels great when actually moving at speed on the trail, hardly notice it's there.

Another minor gripe is that the vents don't work well for sliding your glasses up above your visor when wanting to ride without glasses. Not a big deal, just an old roadie thing I do when there is no one riding in front of me and/or it's getting dark.

The main benefit is the nice large mounting area up top for a permanent GoPro or light mount, which is why I actually bought this thing over other helmets.

I like it enough to keep using it, but would consider trying a better ventilated helmet like the Giro Hex if I get the chance.




Alexander D.

Alexander D.wrote a question about on July 4, 2009

What is up with that stupid sticker???

Like Kurt Z mentioned in his review ... there is a warning sticker on the pot, containing the same warning information that is attached to the burner (the actual combustion device!) that is impossible to remove without toxic solvents. My first experience with a $160 stove ruined by a $0.25 sticker. I really hope Cascade Designs gets this one sorted out - it pissed the hell out of me, and maybe others?

Haven't really used much yet but is very impressive on first use. The first time you see the stove primed after warmup is incredible and leads you to a "wow, that is badass" moment.