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d.n2661388wrote a review of on June 15, 2011

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These bindings held a lot of promise, I liked the concept and design when I bought them initially. Still do, but the build quality and material quality is absolute crap. After 3 days skiing with them the flimsy heel piece snapped in half, there goes 9 dollars on a new heel piece. Then after a month on them the metal just between the toe and started to warp upward which let that green piece rattle freely and caused a weird torsional thing to happen and ripped out of my ski. I have a friend whose O1's had a clean break right along that point after a season. Not a good binding at all if you like to charge when you ski. A good binding if you like mellow resort skiing or mellow tours. They can't take a beating. THey'd be alright if you were sponsored and got free new ones everytime they broke.

I'd go with anything 22 designs, those are bullet proof.