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DAVID M H.wrote a review of on April 12, 2012

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First off I am a Marmot nut, but I also have many other peices from bibler, TNF, MTN hardwear, OR, BD equip. and so on.. I have many jackets, shells, gloves and bags from Marmot but thats cause they are the best for their price point. Their down is awsome and their warranty rules, others are great to but I just love Marmot. I have pinnacle bags for my wife and I and pounder bags for high summer and alipne trips. As for the Arroyo, I weighed it on my digital scale(real expensive lab scale, accurate down to a 100th of an ounce), 1lb 15.5 oz for the long RZ with the consumer tags still on. I'll cut those off and prolly loose about 1/2 an ounce or so. After much reading and thinking I went with the Arroyo over the Hydrogen for 2 reasons. Price wasn't a concern, I think the foot box on the Arroyo is better and the durability. Both have about the same weight of down. The 850 in the hydro is just a tad lighter. The real weight savings is in the foot box and they use a lighter fabric. To me the 3 oz. lighter is not worth the loss in durability and down proofness. If your active sleeper,ruff on your gear, or like to bivy in ruff areas go with the Arroyo. Sleep still and are gentle with gear go Hydrogen.

You can't got wrong with this bag for 3 season. Its roomy for a big guy, I'm 6'2" and 220lb. Durable and for me good down to 20's with some light layers on.

Love the Pinnacle to for high alt in the summer(Rainer) and low alt winter trips. Next for me are some Marmot Col's to replace my MTN harwears bags for high winter trips. The 800 series just rocks.




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DAVID M H.wrote a review of on March 11, 2010

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This tent is like the shark, crocadile and turtle all rolled into one. So perfectly evolved the TNF has been making it for 20 years or something.

Iv'e had this for 14 years so I can't remember how much I paid. Been there done that in this brick @#%! house. 60-80 mph winds, heavy snow loads, pouring rain followed by heavy snow. It handles it, quietly so you can sleep. You would never know the wind was doing that until you get out to clear snow!. A little on the heavy side but three days into a full on tentbound white out and you will appreciate the extra room, warmth, and the bomber security. Room for two nutballs and all their gear. Three's a squeeze with gear but it keeps it warmer. For long wait outs two is all I would want. Once had 6 folks in mine for an ad hoch poker tournament! House advantage didn't help. I lost.

I thought about getting something lighter. I have a firstlight for ledges but after looking at all the other 4 seasons I keep coming back to the 25. The ones that were lighter were smaller and/or single walls and I could tell they won't stand up to the stomping that this tent laughs at. TNF service is unmatched, I needed new sponges that go on the side to keep the fly from flapping so I called TNF and they sent me new ones free. I mean free didn't even hit me up for shipping!

After many years of service mine is getting tired. I just reproofed the fly with solarproof from nikwax, another awsome product, to buy me some time. No fear though,TNF will switch poles for free under warranty, and if you need to relace a fly or body you can purchase them from TNF and/or replace worn out parts at discount via warranty exchange. Can't go wrong with this one!

I know guys going on 15 or more years in these. You go up high on Everest, Denali, Ranier, White Mountains and you will see 25's. You can't beat that. Folks that complain about it haven't been there, don't understand what this tent is about and haven't taken advantage of TNF warranty on this bad boy. You have to know what its designed for and this is designed to keep you alive up high and come home with you for the next adventure.

This ones a no brainer.