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Dustin G.

Dustin G.

Dustin G.

Dustin G.wrote a review of on April 14, 2015

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Got the pro's a few weeks back, immediately hit the slopes to put them through the wringer. Rode them first on my 152 Rome Gang Plank and truly loved the setup. However, before first day was even over, had already lost the adjustment screw for the right toe strap (fortunately didn't lose the strap itself). No major deal, figured I didn't screw it in tight enough when I adjusted them. Got a replacement at the base and back up. Also during the day, realized that somehow, I had already ripped a quarter size hole in both of the ankle straps. My NIke Lunarendor boots do have the plastic lace secure piece in that area, but damn...the straps looked like they had 100 days on them all of a sudden. AFter day was over, I got to inspecting the bindings some more and realized that the left heel loop was not secure either. No matter how much I tightened every screw available...there was 2mm or so of movement (which was not present in the right binder). IN addition, the high back attachment points to the heel loop have caused serious gouging and damage to the side of the sole on my nikes. Don't think it will ever hinder their function...but it chewed the crap out of them...both sides of both boots. The plastic points on the high back down in the attachment area just dig in and eat that rubber up. So needless to say, I sent them back and got a replacement pair...hoping that it was just a fluke.................

Got the new pari in about 2 days, immediately mounted them to my Never Summer Proto CT 154 and headed to Keyston. Decided to hike first thing in the day, found some nice 15" freshies and went to work! AGain, loved the feel on this board also...things seemed fine...put about 10K feet in and decided to take Outpost gondola back over to front side to meet friends. When I got off gondola and grabbed board...toe strap falls off at my feet! Holy crap, at least it didn't fall off while in the gondola. So I lost another toe adjustment screw. I know for a fact that this time, it was not my fault. I tightened all "toolless" screws before EVERY run that day...due to the faults of the last pair. That was enough for me...got a replacement screw (after riding gondola down the mountain!) and finished day out with no other issues. But I sent them back and have some Rome Katanas on the way.

Two pairs...several setbacks in reliability and build quality (IMO)...probably just my bad luck with first experience with Union...but I'm giving them a pass for now. I will say this, their customer service warranty department is great, and actuallly sent me out two replacment toe straps and several screws when I sent in a complaint.

I like their tech and feel and will give them another shot in the future...but kind of turned off on them for the moment.