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Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia

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Hiking & Camping


dingogapwrote a review of on January 30, 2009

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I walk in rough, rocky country, mostly off track. The Hardrock trail Running Shoes are great for this. I've had 2 pairs of Hardrock Trail Running Shoes before and they'd been fantastic so I was fairly confident which size to order. When they arrived I was really disappointed to find that these shoes were a bit smaller (tighter?) than the previous ones had been. I wore them to work for a week to break them in and they quickly loosened up. I've done several long, hard walks in some tough pagoda country (20 kilometres & 35 kilometres) since in the new shoes. Like their predecesors I they are extremely comfortable and they provide lots of support (walking & scrambling up steep rock faces). I just hope they last a bit longer than the last pair (10 months).