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Diego E.

Diego E.

Diego E.

Diego E.wrote a review of on August 22, 2012

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The La Sportiva Solutions are near perfection! I first started climbing with the more relaxed La Sportiva Nagos. Those were a good first pair of shoes, but as I climbed in bouldering difficulty ratings and the problems got steeper, they left something to be wanted. The Solutions fill that promise.

I tried out 3 of the La Sportiva's top shoes (Testarossa, Solution and Miura VS).
Just for reference, I have a low volume asymmetric foot with a narrow heel but average toe box. I wear size 9/9.5 (42/42.5) street shoes and found the 40.5 Solutions to be a perfect fit (snug, but not too tight).

+The Testarossas were soft and sensitive but the toe box was too narrow and created pressure points.
+The Miura VS were alright, but it was too stiff for me and felt like my foot was in a box instead of a form fitting shoe.
+The Solutions are right in the middle with great sensitivity while still providing excellent support like that of a stiffer shoe.

Overall, the Solutions are a great shoe, and I love the slipper with a single strap velcro design which allows for quick on and off. The rubber is sturdy enough to stand comfortably on tiny edges, but sensitive and grippy enough for toeing in to holds while steep climbing. Although it takes a little while to get used to, the heel is slightly padded, sticky, secure and you will learn to love it. So far with a month of use 3-4 times a week, the shoes have barely stretched, so I would recommend going for a size that fits snug and not tight.

With BackCountry's amazing return policy, go ahead and order 3 shoes around your size and return the ones that don't fit.