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Manny D.

Manny D.

Manny D.

Manny D.wrote a review of on January 20, 2013

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So here it is 6 weeks since I purchased these boots, and my feet couldn't be happier. 1st thing, the people at backcountry.com, and those who rated these boots as A+ were completely correct!! I actually purchased these boots for work, but will be hiking this coming summer. I'm on my feet 11 hours a day and there hasn't been one day when I've had a complaint about tired feet because of the boots. The roomy upper front has plenty of room for my "Fred Flintstone" feet. The support that surrounds the ankle is also very comfy, as is the arch support. I also use them when riding my bike to work. With a good pair of winter moisture wicking socks these boots have kept my feet dry and warm even when it's 5 above ZERO,(tomorrow it's going to be BELOW ZERO)!!
So would I recommend these boots to a friend? I wouldn't be much of a friend if I DIDN'T!! I only wish that I had a cool picture to include like everyone else who submitted a review, and helped me to decide on these boots.
Buy them. You can't go wrong!!