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DeWaynewrote a review of on January 20, 2009

2 5

I bought these shoes because they are the most comfotable shoes I have ever had. I have flat feet and had Surgery to correct the problem 4 months before I bought these shoes. Well I went right out on a 4 day backpacking adventure after buying them. On the second morning I Ripped the grab loop on the back of the shoes. I took them right back and got the same Shoe style because they are comfortable. The next pair lasted about 5 months of daily use. I ripped the grab loop within 3 months, they where no longer water proof after 4 months, and the tread was falling apart after 4 months. Luckly the guys at REI allowed me to return them again, as long I didn't buy them again. These shoes (they are shoes not boots) do not stand up to an active lifesyle. But they are Damb Comfortable and climb like an Approach shoe!




DeWaynewrote a review of on November 18, 2008

3 5

I love the super sticky Trax rubber and the leather shell and rubber heel is comfortable with a tongue that is very breathable so your foot doesn't get all sweaty. They work great in the climbing gym and fit better than my normal climbing shoes. But they are more like Climbing shoes than Hiking boots. The toe box is too tight for extended hikes and they have no arch support or padding in them just like climbing shoes so no heavy packs. I believe I will return them for a larger size and try to beef up the arch support or find a hiking boot with a soft sole. I have a 10.5 Maximus and where a 10.5 evolv climbing shoe and an 11 backpacking boot. US sizes