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Debra F.

Debra F.

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Debra F.

Debra F.wrote a review of on August 22, 2009

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I bought these to travel around Vietnam for two weeks. It was very, very hot and humid. Some downpours and they left you wet and with some serious puddles to deal with. Knowing that was likely what I was in for before I left, I researched sport sandals and decided on these rather than my usual Tevas. Part of that decision is because I had to buy online as there are no stores near me that sell Chaco or a decent selection of Teva. Meaning, I couldn't try shoes on for comfort and fit before purchasing them. I didn't want to deal with return either. Because these sandals are so adjustable to your foot, I thought I would try them (and maybe not have to do a return). I was right!

I wore these at home for a bit to break them in. They really don't need breaking in.

I really like that all the straps are adjustable. But, if you get it wrong, it could lead to blistering. I got a blister early on during my trip on one spot on top of my left foot. I think the strap was too tight (even though I was comfortable) and certainly my foot swelled in that heat. It was quite a bit of trial and error after that to get the straps to a more proper fit on that foot. But, once I did, there were no further issues.

Anyway, these were great. They gave me confidence walking around. Dried more than fast enough after getting soaked. I recommend them to anyone. I also like the purple for a color choice. Quite subtle and went with all clothing colors. These shoes are also versatile as to what you can wear them with...which is pretty much anything except a cocktail dress.



Debra F.

Debra F.wrote a review of on July 6, 2009

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I bought this because my backpack was more and more often not being seen as a personal item on domestic flights (never mind international...which are even stricter). I don't use this bag for a laptop and would not recommend it for a laptop unless you had the laptop in a separate case. I don't think the bag would protect the laptop well. That said, I fit an awful lot into this bag for my travels so far. I like that it has the two waterbottle holders. I also love that I can slide the bag easily over the handle of my rolly luggage so there is no need to carry the bag on your shoulder unless you want to. My biggest complaints are that many of the pockets/storage areas cannot be secured. They are just open without velcro, snaps or zippers. So things can easily fall out (or be nabbed) when not closed using the main flap. I may go to a tailor to have this done. Also, though there are three main larger compartments in the bag, there is no rigidity in the separation of the three compartments.