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deannasikes@yahoo.comwrote a review of on April 5, 2003

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I purchased this Kelty Diaper Daypack after having triplets in November 1999. I had gone through several different brands of daypacks from the normal run of the mill diaper bag from local retailers to online "weekender bags" through Eddie Bauer, Lands End, and One Step Ahead. They were all wonderful baby bags, but they couldn't hold everything I needed for triplets on the go. I saw a review for Kelty in Child Magazine in Spring 2000 and bought this Diaper Daypack through immediately. It does exactly what is says it does and more! It is the best diaper bag I have ever purchased. The ordering department at Backcountry Store were wonderful on the phone letting me know my order was shipped and very friendly. My triplets just turned 3 and my Diaper Daypack is still going strong and looks as good as it did the day I received in the mail. The material is breathable and does not soak up water or spilled items. Everything just "wicks away" and does not leave the bag smelling terrible. I have spilled everything from juice, formula, medicine, and baby powder. It all washes off easily with a damp sponge and mild detergent. I take it apart once every 3-4 months to wash out well in the backyard with the hose and a damp sponge. I spray it with Lysol once it has air dried and it is as good as new! It has ample room for everything I need inside (changes of clothes, diapers, a full container of wipes, toiletry items, toys, snacks, shoes, etc) and two pockets outside to hold baby bottles/sippie cups or sports water bottles. It may only have two pockets, but they s-t-r-e-t-c-h and I can carry two in each pocket. The best feature of this bag is the organizer compartment in front for mom! It has pockets for money, ID and credit cards, my check book, cell phone, and a pen and notepad. It also has a clip for my keys so you don't have to fish around inside the bag to find them. I can't say enough good things about this product. It was well worth the $59.95. I highly recommend this AWESOME diaper daypack!