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dcr2448800-0wrote a review of on September 30, 2008

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The cable loop of the CAMP Belay Device may be too flexible and can get caught in the ropes when rappelling with 2 ropes. When this happens, the plastic rubbed off and the steel cable is exposed. Yikes.

Details: You will be OK if you are rapelling slowly, at a turtle's pace (ZZZzzzZZZzzz), and are watching the cable loop. I was double rope rappelling with two different sized diameter ropes (not ideal, but still safe - google it). However, my partner was using my new Black Diamond ATC Guide and it was fine with a fast double rope rappel.

I used Black Diamond ATC for 5 years and recently a Black Diamond ATC Guide, double rope rappel numerous times, with different diameter ropes, with no problems.

- Dave, Seattle, WA