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dayhikerwrote a review of on October 2, 2003

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I bought the Beta Light after seeing someone use a teepee style tent for winter camping. It is incredilbily lite and small, and lots of space. This is more of an A frame though.

The BetaBug allows me to have a light weight "tent" when I would carry trekking poles anyway. Still pretty light if I bring the poles just for the tent.

I have not used it too much so far, but it lookes to have a solid bathtub floor, and the netting will keep you from touching the tent wall, which might have condensation. A small glitch which Bibler said they plan to fix, is the Bug's Door opens on the right, and the tarp on the left, when it is staked out. I may get the tarp sewn so I can stake out the other side.

You can unstake one of the front corners of the tarp, and roll it back so u get not only a front view, but a large side view as well. Then roll it shut by looping the tie out over the stake, perhaps just before falling asleep. It would be nice if you could stake out the door into an awning so you could leave it open when raining, when there no rain, might be able to add a little fabric a do this.