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david birdsong

david birdsong

Norther California, Sierras

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david birdsong

david birdsongwrote a review of on May 8, 2008

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I have to say that researching Fox's higher end MTB shorts was not an easy task as it could have been. The different pairs were similar in price and description, some sites confuse two different models. My main concern was finding a chamois that agreed with my butt, no site(including Fox's) display the chamois design.

This is my 3rd pair of Fox shorts, the first(no idea on the name ~$60-$80) were great. They were stolen. I replaced them with the mid-ranger which were awful, long rides would leave me with open sores. I've worn the High Frequency for both a 300 mile road tour and a 24 hour race MTB race. So far I like them.

The construction seems good, I definitely prefer the woven drawstring over the snap. The mesh liner only comes up to just above your 'bikini' line which means less fabric being doubled over while you're hunched over on a bike. My concerns of them being to downhill oriented/baggy were allayed. The fit is trim.

Four stars. I'd buy them again, but I have no idea why they are any better than the 2 other Fox shorts in the high price range.