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David N.

David N.wrote a review of on February 23, 2009

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there where some things that i loved about these bindings, and some things that i hated. i am returning these to backcountry by the way. props for the awesome customer service.

-easy and fast to put on once adjusted.
-stiff and powerful feeling in the steeps.
-base plate resists snow build up due to slick plastic material.
-nice strong base plate with plenty of bomber adjustment.
- mini ratchets would pop open during riding. this is no good!
- cheap plastic parts on the upper binding, ie, all the rachets were chrome plastic. the chrome started to come off the first day.
- $$ expensive $$ quality did not match the price.
- snow pack sometimes prevents boot from fitting into binding.
- never really felt dialed in. the adjustment for tightness was just not precise enough. either too tight, or too loose.

For the money, better materials are in order. i mean aluminum, carbon fiber. not plastic ratchets.
thanks backcountry!