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darrenwrote a review of on January 11, 2012

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My set up... Volkl Kuro 185's with Jester Marker bindings. Boots mainly Garmont Endorphin Touring boots, though did find slightly more reactive in my downhill boots (though that's probably stating the obvious!).
So with some trepidation I took out the Kuro for my first test. Fast is the first word that comes to mind! Because of the float gained from these fat boys the ski just powers down the hill almost not wanting to turn. Realising that I had to at some point I made the turns and found it much easier than expected. The ski is so light in the deep stuff and reacts really well though I found it better to let the skis run then they were more responsive at speed. On the steeps you can literally go brave are you?
I then took it into some tight gullys and the ski turned as needed and behaved very well, getting in some nice tight turns. I had many sluff avalanches which unsettled me more than the ski, again having the speed to stay ahead of most of them.

Heading back to resort I returned to the piste and have to admit was expecting a battle. The skis clearly are not a piste skis. They are a little harder to maintain an edge and don't like the ice. They do let you feel the bumps much more through your legs...but then there is 132 under foot so your bound to. I have to say despite this I was pleasantly surprised. There's no way I'd take them if I was skiing more on piste, but that isn't what they are designed for. Also if more than a little mountaineering is involved I'd probably take my skinny (er) skis just as holding an edge on a steep traverse was trickier, but not impossible. Again, horses for courses, though there weight isn't bad if your putting them on your pack for a short hike/climb.
I took the skis into the bumps on some blacks and found them acceptable. They need work, but if you do, they do. Again hard on the legs, but can skis the fall line.
So in conclusion I would say what a remarkable skis. Can do everything but excel in the deep powder, which lets face it is why you would buy these. I'm very happy with mine. If I could only take one pair of skis would I take these? Well depends where I was going....fortunately I can take my other skis as well and decide on the day and conditions.
If nothing else it gets you chatting with the lifties as they gaup at the sheer size of these skis
Hope this helps and happy skiing!!