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daniel.han1311148wrote a review of on November 18, 2010

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These shoes are a gift from heaven to people with a long middle toe. I've gone through 2 pairs of these and decided it was time to try to find another shoe just to mix things up after two years with the Demortos. Knowing I'd have trouble finding a shoe that fit, I ordered a thousand dollars worth of symmetric high performance shoes in my street size and half a size down and all of them crushed my middle toe to the point where even walking was unbearable or there was just way too much room in the toe box for my other toes. I was surrounded by boxes, paper and shoes and then I tried on the Demortos and they fit perfectly. I owe Evolv an apology for ever thinking of straying. Thank you for making this shoe! My only complaint is that the design and color are ugly. I can deal though.