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Kelly C.

Kelly C.wrote a review of on January 24, 2012

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If anyone with an interest in the Jansport name were still involved in the manufacturer of equipment under that name, this pack would never have left the building.

The pack bag appears to be about the same, although the fabric may be a bit lighter than the original, but the frame is terrible by comparison.

The original hip suspension loops had nylon bushings where they connected to the pack frame. Now you have a very poorly machined metal-to-metal connection that simply doesn't work. If you were to tighten them enough so they wouldn't snap and pop with every step, they'd be too tight to even open to put the pack on. I just can't imagine what anyone was thinking when they decided this was an acceptable design.

And the other fittings that hold the various tubing sections of the frame together are similarly poorly machined and also snap and pop and wiggle excessively. The only way I made my new pack even usable for a test trip was to take fittings off two old Jansport frames to re-assemble it.

But there was just no repair for the hip suspension portion without having parts from a real D2, which I don't have. There are some other issues, but without serious help for the frame they wouldn't matter much.

I carried one of the originals for more than thirty years for business and pleasure before it was destroyed in a fire, and I can assure you this is not a reintroduction of the original. I wish it